Torx and Hex socket set

Torx and Hex Socket Sets

Torx and Hex Socket Sets

Before we begin to review the Torx and Hex bit socket sets we have to offer at Vantage tools & for those who don’t know, it might be worth briefly explaining about the differences between them and for what purpose each bit is specifically used for.


Hex bits

Hex bits are probably the most common bit fitting designed for a multitude of uses. The name hex is derived from the word hexagonal, meaning the bit is of a six pointed design which is useful in many varied applications. An alternative to the hex bit is the hex key, or more commonly known as the allen key. Anyone who has ever assembled any flat pack furniture i’m sure will be well aware of hex key tools. Needless to say the Hex bits and keys which are available to purchase from our store aren’t the type you would typically find within the packaging of your brand new TV stand with the dreaded words “some assembly required” printed on the side!


My pick of Hex bit Socket Sets

Now, my 1st choice isn’t a dedicated hex bit socket set, however it does come with hex keys and a whole lot more besides, therefore it makes a good general all rounder to start the review.


TOPTUL 31 Piece 1/4″ Hex Dr. Mini Ratchet Bit Set

Toptul Hex Bit Socket Set

Manufactured by TOPTUL this 31 piece hex socket set features 4 Hex insert bits from 3mm to 6mm which doesn’t seem like much in the way of variety, however Toptul have included sizes which are most commonly used for every day tasks. Along with this we have 3 slotted insert bits from 4.5 to 6.5 mm, 3 Phillips insert bits from ph1 to ph3, 3 pozi insert bits from pz1 to pz3, 7 star and security star bits, 2 square insert bits and a 1/4 x 1/4 socket adaptor. The variety of bits on offer gives this mini ratchet set the ability to handle most tasks.

The ratchet itself as you would expect from a quality bit socket set such as this feels sturdy and has just the right weight and feel it. It is reversible and has a 60 tooth mechanism.

This socket bit set would make a great addition to any tool kit and has the ability to handle general mechanical and DIY tasks with ease.

Price £48.01

TOPTUL 31 Piece 1/4″ Hex Dr. Mini Ratchet Bit Set


TOPTUL 10 Piece 1/2″ Dr. Hex Bit Socket Set

1/2" Drive Hex Bit Socket Set

A dedicated 10 piece Hex socket set. This set from Toptul is aimed more at the professional mechanic rather than your average enthusiast, featuring 10 sockets enclosed within a sturdy case, if its hex bits and only hex bits you require then this is the right product for you. The 1/2″ drive sockets range from 4mm through to 19mm and are satin chrome finished encased within their sturdy container box, these Hex bit sockets are sure to give you many years of trouble free service.

Price £64.07

TOPTUL 10 Piece 1/2″ Dr. Hex Bit Socket Set


Torx bits

Much like hex and allen keys the word Torx also goes by another name, the most common and generic name for a torx bit is star bit which is how we refer to them in our online store. A torx or star bit is characterised by its distinct 6 pointed star shape pattern (hence the name). The reasoning behind the Star bits distinct pattern is to prevent the bit from slippage, something which a star bit is extremely good at accomplishing, far more so than a phillips or flat head counterpart. Star bit head sizes always use a “T” followed by a number to depict the size of the tool.

My pick of Star bit Socket Sets

PANTHER PRO 10 Piece 100mm Long 1/2″ Drive Star Socket Set

Torx Socket Set

Sometimes reaching for that awkward last screw head deep within an engine bay can be a frustrating task at the best of times. Luckily help is at hand with this long reach 1/2″ drive star socket set from Panther Pro. Featuring 10 star sockets ranging from T20 to T70 and all 100mm in length this handy star socket set could mean the end of grazed knuckles forever!

Price £69.84

PANTHER PRO 10 Piece 100mm Long 1/2″ Drive Star Socket Set


TOPTUL 3/8″ Dr. Star Impact Socket

Star Impact Socket Set

Designed primarily for use with power tools this star impact socket set will surely handle all the abuse a garage workshop can throw at it. Impact sockets go through a carbonisation process in order to harden the surface material, this process makes them much more able to handle sudden changes in torque which in turn makes them much stronger bits than their standard non impact equivalents.

This set from Toptul features 7  x 3/8″ impact sockets ranging from T20 to T50 in size and comes complete with a sturdy hardened plastic case which looks just as strong as the star bits it encloses.

Price £62.83

TOPTUL 3/8″ Dr. Star Impact Socket