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Good Socket Set Brands

Good Socket Set Brands

Good Socket Set Brands Often we get asked wether tool x,y,z or socket set a,b,c is a “good socket set brand”. more often than not customers are influenced in their own purchasing decisions by asking themselves if the product in question is a brand they have heard of before. Many times the decision to purchase a certain socket set is based more on the brands perceived reputation more so .
Torx and Hex Socket Sets

Torx and Hex socket set

Torx and Hex Socket Sets Before we begin to review the Torx and Hex bit socket sets we have to offer at Vantage tools & for those who don’t know, it might be worth briefly explaining about the differences between them and for what purpose each bit is specifically used for.   Hex bits Hex bits are probably the most common bit fitting designed for a multitude of uses. .