Introducing BTB Windscreen Tools: Revolutionising Windshield Repair!

BTB’s  innovative range of tools is designed with one goal in mind: to make windscreen repairs easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a professional technician or a DIY enthusiast, BTB’s cutting-edge tools are your ticket to flawless windscreen repairs.

Why choose BTB Windscreen Tools?

  • Unmatched Quality:  All our tools are precision-engineered using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability for long-lasting performance.

  • Innovative Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art windscreen repair solutions. Our tools incorporate the latest advancements in technology, making them efficient, effective, and easy to use.

  • Versatility: From minor chips to extensive cracks, our tools are versatile enough to tackle a wide range of windscreen damage. With BTB, you can confidently repair chips and cracks of various sizes, restoring your windshield to its original strength and clarity.

  • Time and Cost Savings: With BTB Windscreen Tools, you can save both time and money. Our tools enable quick repairs, allowing you to get back on the road in no time. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune on expensive replacements.

  • Trusted by Professionals: BTB tools have earned the trust of windscreen repair professionals worldwide. With a reputation for excellence, BTB Windscreen Tools is the go-to choice for technicians who demand exceptional results.

  • Comprehensive Range: We offer a comprehensive range of tools to meet all your windscreen repair requirements. From UV curing lamps and suction cups to bridge systems and cutting tools, our product line has everything you need for a flawless repair job.

BTB Pneumatic Windscreen Removal Tool Set£1,254.85
BTB WK1 Long Flat Blade 300mm£80.76
BTB WK10CC Air Tool Controller Cap£113.63
BTB WK10HD Heavy Duty Air Power Tool£1,255.29
BTB WK11AW Controller Arm for Yellow Z Blades£34.27
BTB WK11BW5 Controller Arm with Teflon Roller£60.84
BTB WK11CW Controller Arm for Orange Blades£23.45
BTB WK11DW5 Controller Arm with Teflon Roller£45.10
BTB WK11EW Controller Arm£29.92
BTB WK11FW Controller Arm£18.13
BTB WK11PP Paint Protector for Powered Cold Knife Blades£63.52
BTB WK17-6 Channel Blade for Removing Backfill£84.74
BTB WK1S Serrated Long Flat Blade 300mm£94.43
BTB WK1X Extra Long Flat Blade 380mm£82.76
BTB WK1ZX Offset Extra Long Blade 380mm£89.15
BTB WK2 Medium Universal Flat Blade 240mm£75.99
BTB WK24 Long Bent Blade 240mm£75.99
BTB WK24RS Reverse Serrated Bent Blade 240mm£94.54
BTB WK24S Serrated Long Bent Blade 240mm£99.98
BTB WK24Z Curved Glass Z Blade 150mm£82.45
BTB WK24Z Serrated Reverse Z Blade 240mm£101.18
BTB WK24ZS Serrated Curved Glass Z Blade 150mm£95.69
BTB WK24ZV Safety Edge Blade 150mm£78.48
BTB WK24ZVS Serrated Safety Edge Blade 150mm£94.79
BTB WK27L Powered Large Cold Knife Blade-Left Hand£79.86
BTB WK27M Powered Medium Cold Knife Blade-Left Hand£79.86
BTB WK27RL Large Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.86
BTB WK27RM Medium Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.12
BTB WK27RS Small Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.97
BTB WK27S Powered Small Cold Knife Blade-Left Hand£80.34
BTB WK28L Powered Large Cold Knife Blade-Right Hand£79.19
BTB WK28L Powered Medium Cold Knife Blade-Left Hand£89.61
BTB WK28RL Large Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.86
BTB WK28RM Medium Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.86
BTB WK28RS Small Reverse Powered Cold Knife Blade£79.86
BTB WK28S Powered Small Cold Knife Blade-Right Hand£79.86
BTB WK2S Serrated Flat Universal Blade 240mm£97.14
BTB WK2VS Serrated Safety Edge Blade 240mm£99.31
BTB WK3 General Purpose Bent Blade 190mm£77.06
BTB WK3S Serrated General Purpose Blade 190mm£95.99
BTB WK4 General Purpose Bent Blade 190mm£74.96
BTB WK4RS Serrated Reverse Bent Blade 190mm£95.99
BTB WK4S Serrated General Purpose Bent Blade 190mm£94.60
BTB WK4Z General Purpose Z BLADE 140mm£70.14
BTB WK4ZRS Serrated Reverse Z Blade 140mm£98.22
BTB WK4ZS Serrated General Purpose Z Blade 140mm£97.73
BTB WK4ZVS Serrated Blade 140mm£91.93
BTB WK5 Short Trim Blade£56.86
BTB WK5S Serrated Trim Blade 130mm£78.51
BTB WK6-15 15mm Pinchweld Scraper Blade 125mm£35.96
BTB WK6-25 25mm Pinchweld Scraper Blade 125mm£25.91
BTB WK6-40 40mm Pinchweld Scraper Blade 125mm£55.30
BTB WK7 One handled manual handles£45.21
BTB WK7L Two handles manual handles£51.23
BTB WK8 Sharpening Stone£19.62
BTB WK9 Spray Bottle£9.19