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OLFA XL2 Long Reach knife

OLFA XL2 Long Reach knife - OL-XL2

OLFA XL2 Long Reach knife

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OLFA XL-2 Long Reach Knife



OLFA XL2 Long Reach Retractable 18mm Blade Knife.

This knife is fitted with a locking thumbscrew to enable the exposed cutting edge of the blade to be set at varying lengths.

It’s design originated from the requirement of a long knife for hard to reach places.

It is used today throughout the world within the automotive windscreen / windshield removal / replacement industry for cutting the urethane beads used to hold automotive glass in place.

If the knife is required for an application where the blade is to be set at a long extension or fully extended then the use of a non-segmented blades is highly recommended to avoid blade breakage.

These are available as a heavy duty (0.5mm thickness) blade specifically for this use.


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